Jan-Waclaw Zawadowksi, a polish painter also known as ZAWADO was born in April 14th, 1891, in Volhynie (russian Poland), he is very close of the post-impressionnism style.


When he was 13, the young Waclaw Zawadowski discover french paintings. In 1910, he began to study at the Fine Art School of Cracovie in professor Józef Pankiewicz’s studio. In 1912 Józef Pankiewicz encouraged Zawadowski to go to Paris. After a brief stay in « La Ruche » (an artist’s residence) he moved in Montmartre. Then, he become one of the actors of the artistic community of Montparnasse. He signs his first and last contract of exclusivity with a german art dealer : Paul Cassirer, who organized many expositions in Germany. During the first war, Zawado go to Spain for four years, mostly in Madrid where he meets his friends, also Polish painters and Arthur Rubinstein.


In 1919, when the war is over, he can then go back to Paris. In 1920, Modigliani just died and Zawado move in his studio. During the summer, mostly with other artists, Zawado go to their favorite destinations : Saint-Cirq Lapopie, in Collioure with Foujita, in Sanary or in Le Blanc with Soutine, and also in Bretagne where he painted landscapes.


Very tied with Leopold Zborowski, one of the greatest modern art dealer (for example he worked with Modigliani) Zawado gave him to sale his paintings. It’s Zborowski who ask him to signed his paintings « Zawado » instead of « Zawadowski ». In 1928, he enter into the « Circle of polish artists in Paris ». Between 1920 and 1930 he took part at the artistic life of the first School of Paris. He speaks to many writers, musicians and of course painters. He expose in Poland, in Paris (Benezit’s Gallery) and in London. In 1930 Zawado starts his stays in Aix-en-Provence. In 1938 he take the direction of the Polish Institut of Fine Arts in Paris.


In 1945 he stay definitively in Aix but still keep a studio in Paris. Being in the south without other painter's influences made him grow his very own style. His paintings now reflect the very particular light of the south of France.


During the 60’s his first solo exhibitions starts in Aix, specially in Gallery Spinazzola. From now on Zawado mostly expose in the south of France. However a great restrospective took place in Cracovie in 1975, followed by a personal show in 1976 in New-York. It’s therefore a whole world made of writers, musicians and painters who starts to visit him.


November 15th, 1982, Zawado pass away in his property, in Provence.